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  • NEW SITE NEW SITE!!!! ABathingX.com

    2010 - 05.21

    SORRY Ive been away for awhile but I am back on track about to go in again for all of the fans and viewers of G-Shock Society!!!!! Starting over means that things are different now. And in order to do more work with other brands and things of that nature i have moved the site to ABathingX.com !!!!!!! You can find all of the latest news up there about what im working on news, fashion, sports, sneakers…….WHATEVER!! so hit me up. All we still ask is trust.   Tyko & G*Shock Society………………

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    Tyko Unleashing two more NightMares!!!!!!!!

    2010 - 04.19

    Tyko is unleashing two more NightMares on Zewelers (lol), An Iced out interface on the original NightMare and the Thriller. The Thriller is based on the all red DW-6900CB Series Crazy Color 2010, customized with all red rudy colored Swarovski Crystals on the bezel and the band. Tyko also informes the viewers, the watch was done in memory of the King Of Pop Micheal Jackson’s , Thriller Famous Vombie Red Leather Jacket.

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    Sneek Peek of Tyko’s new project

    2010 - 04.01

    Tyko did it again with limited edition, Pegleg Shock The World , Rose DW6900.  The watch has a base coat of a glossy white paint with roses painted in Red and Green, on the band, the Bezel is  painted white.  The watch also has the “Shock The World” printed in pink, centered on the interface.  U know Tyko has to put his on own flare to it, Custom silver case with CZ, a nice compliment to the pegleg.   G$hock$ociety will always be a step ahead of the game.  I can’t wait until my Rose Pegleg come in.  What do u thing i should do to it?  Comment and give me (Paul Micken) some ideas.


    The First Real Leaked Pictures of the Playcloths x G-Shock

    2010 - 03.30
    Preview: Play Cloths x G-Shock Collabo

    Here are the first official images of the Play Cloths x G-Shock collabo. While they were determined to remain tight lipped and avoid leaking images to the internet, the excitement cannot be withheld any longer.  I can’t wait until its released. 

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